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As entrepreneurs, we sometimes can get so bogged down with the details of day-to-day business that we lose sight of the bigger picture. We start to doubt about our logo, pricing, or certain features about our products or services… until we get overwhelmed and paralysed.

And the exact same thing happens with websites. We get stuck choosing the building platform, the template, the info that needs to be included, the fonts, the colours… And the list goes on. We forget that what’s most important is that our website supports our business — and by overfocusing on the nitty-gritty we lose sight of the bigger picture.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’re at the right place because I’m giving you 5 immediate actions that you will take RIGHT now to finally get your website up and running.


1. Ask yourself: is it a mindset issue? 

Have a quick read at the 7 reasons stopping you from launching your website. Are you a perfectionist and will not move on till you’re 200% happy with the font choice of your navigation? Are you completely overwhelmed with hundreds of questions and have 0 clue where to start? You think you lack the resources to build your website? You hate technology? 

There’s a lot of beliefs and patterns that have us stuck in moving forward. And the only thing we need is a shift of mindset. I know it may sound easier said than done, but I’ve been there and I know it’s just DECIDING to move forward what you need. When you decide that it’s time to get out of being stuck, you start knowing what actions you need to take. For example, if you hate technology — can you outsource or find a user-friendly step-by-step course to support you through the process? If you’re a perfectionist and feel that you’re not ready to hit the publish button — why don’t you get external feedback? I’ve been there a dozen times, and if I had waited until I liked my website to 100%, you wouldn’t be reading this and I wouldn’t be running a business.


2. Decide on one goal for your website

As I said, one of the reasons while we’re stuck is because we lose sight of the bigger picture. We don’t know why we need a website. So pause right here for a second and ask yourself: What’s the ONE main goal of my website? Now, decide 3 areas or ways it will be delivered.

For example, if the #1 objective of your website is to showcase your services and get people to hire you, the 3 ways where this goal can be delivered are:

There’s no right or wrong answer, and there’s an unlimited number of options. But just choose 3, and implement them.


3. Get your photos done 

If you’re stuck because you don’t have photos for your website, or the ones you have are reeeeally bad or don’t make justice to your business, you’re a lucky lady. Jump on Unsplash, type in a word and search your field of industry, and download 4 photos that you feel are aligned to your business and will support your information.

There’s no excuse if you don’t have profile photos, or you don’t have money to hire a photographer just yet. You’ll have time to add new ones later, but in the meantime, get on a free stock library such as Unsplash and get moving.


4. Hire a virtual assistant 

Hands up if you’ve wasted hours (and days) setting up technical stuff for your website, opt-ins, pop ups, uploading content, etc. I certainly have. Have you ever thought of hiring a Virtual Assistant? For a couple of hours per week, they can take care of all the technical and repetitive tasks and take you from tech pain to freedom. For example, send them all the content of your website — and they’ll upload it for you. Or let them connect your opt-in offers to your email subscription service.

Imagine what you could do with all the time where you’ve been stuck in the nitty-gritty of your business?


5. Add a ‘coming soon’ page

This may not be the smartest option, as we’re just delaying the need to deal with it. But if you want to get business coming in as soon as possible, it can be your lifesaver.

Think of that area or functionality of your website where you’re specifically stuck, for example, your ecommerce section. Add a ‘Coming Soon’ notice plus a form for people to leave their email to be notified when this functionality is available.

Remember that you’ll have to deal with it later, but you’ll be able to get cash coming in the meantime. And maybe you could use part of this income to hire someone to set it up for you. Didn’t think of that, hey?


And now you’re going to say: but what about the mammoth task of getting all the information? I know, one of the biggest causes of overwhelm among entrepreneurs when they build their websites is getting texts ready. So here’s what you’re going to do:

Look at this week’s calendar and set aside ONE WHOLE day to write out all the content. Do not stand up until you’ve finished it. Brainstorm the sections, and write below each of them. Don’t forget your homepage. Don’t look for perfection, just progress. Get in your zone, switch OFF Wifi (yes, do it) and just get writing. If it helps, grab pen and paper. Delete all distractions and don’t overeat, or you’ll get sleepy. Schedule something nice for you later in that day, such as a massage or a dinner date with your friend. Use that to motivate you to get the work done and reward you later. Don’t be cheeky, and commit to finishing writing all texts. Trust me, the feeling of completing a big task like this is freeing.


Promise me you’ll do it? I cannot wait to see all your websites on the online world!

With love,




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