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Only the word ‘website’ makes you cringe. Tell me if I’m mistaken: you’ve got your beautiful products almost ready to hit the shopfront, your business structure is set-up, your ideas are flowing in, and you can clearly picture yourself running your own show and living your dream life. It feels so empowering! But then, you realise you still need a website. You don’t know where to start, what platform to use, if to create it yourself or hire a web designer, how much will it cost, if you’ll be able to portray what you want or if people will click on the ‘buy button’… and an endless list of unanswered questions that you don’t know how to handle.

All these thoughts make your procrastination alter ego kick in and you lose your #girlboss groove. You just want to get the freaking website out of the way so you can focus on running your business, what you’ve set up to do in this world. And let me tell you one thing: you’re closer than you think you are to launching your business together with a kick-ass website. I understand your frustrations and that’s why I’m going to help you create the perfect website for your business.

But first of all, let’s look at this mammoth task on the face. Smile at it. Doesn’t it look now more like a little elephant? Waaaaay smaller, easier and fun. If it still doesn’t, keep on reading.

Before getting into the nitty gritty, the technical and practical steps, let’s have a look at the thoughts and stories that are holding you back from building that awesome website for your business. Let’s unlock some of the ‘big little lies’ that are crowding the online sphere and are not helping you move forward in the fun (yes, I said fun!) task of creating your website:


1. Creating a website is a painful experience

Some even name it ‘a horror story’. And only this idea scares the s*** out of you because no one wants to go through painful or difficult experiences, unless you’re a masochist, which I’m sure you’re not.

It’s time to take perspective and realise that these are other people’s experiences which, when you’re talking to other entrepreneurs or asking for feedback on Facebook groups, they look more common than the ‘happy website stories’.

Let me tell you one thing.

People love to share the bad stuff, because they are still looking to sort it out, or because they genuinely want to help you avoid making their own mistakes. In any case, thank them, but let’s create your OWN story from scratch.


First of all, understand that each person’s business is different and therefore the needs for their website are also different. The most important thing is that you’re clear on your NEEDS. Identifying them will be the basis for making the right decisions and, therefore, having a pleasant journey in creating your website.


2. Every time I think about creating my website, more questions and fears arise 

Then, stop thinking about it, and start doing something. I know sometimes it’s easier said than done, but we both know it’s simple and true. If you think of everything that may go wrong, you’re going to get into this spiral that will not help you gain perspective of what you truly need in relation to your website. Your fears will just escalate. It’s time we grasp the nettle and start making decisions. Ask yourself some basic questions. Get ready. Copy and paste the following questions in a new GoogleDocs, or grab pen and paper:

Answering these questions will help you make practical decisions such as the platform that you’ll use or if you really need to hire a web designer and developer.


3. My website is not ready to be published

Think progress, not perfection. I’m going to say it again: THINK PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it really helps knowing that the most important thing at this point is to get your business out there. And the best part of a website is that it’s not carved in stone. It’s actually the least static element of your business.

Really. You can make changes to it every day, add new products, new descriptions, get rid of ugly photos, etc. You need a website to launch and to operate your business.

Then, think: what’s the minimum requirement that I need my website to do? Do whatever it takes to get this bare requisite, and once you got it, hit publish. And share it wildly. Don’t overthink it. Get out there NOW!


4. I don’t have money to create my website

Then, you’ll be glad to know that we live in the era of bootstrapping and DIY websites. Welcome to the best time in history! Despite hiring a designer really takes a big weight off your shoulders, and in some cases might even be essential to get one on board, nowadays there’s a long list of online platforms that make it super easy for you to create a perfect website for your business. I’ve personally used Wordpress, Squarespace and Shopify (for ecommerce), but you also have other options such as Showit (amazing Jenna Kutcher uses this one). Go back to no. 3 and reflect on the most important goal for your website. Knowing if you need a blog or your priority is an online store will help you decide what’s the best website builder for you.


5. I know what my website needs, but then what?

Then, you need a plan. This is the most effective way to throw overwhelm out of the window. If you’re clear about what you need, and you’ve opted for the DIY route, set time aside to:

It’s essential that you devote your undivided attention to creating your website if you really want to make steps forward and not hang on it for longer than you wish, and it becomes the painful story we talked about in no. 1. Be clear on what days you’re going to work creating your own website. And when you find yourself stuck with ‘technical’ difficulties, focus on something else and go back to it later. This is like the ‘magic reset button’. Remember, flow, progress and not perfection.


6. I hate technology, so creating a website is not even in my wildest dreams

Or it may be that you want to focus your time in just doing what you enjoy most, being it creating your beautiful crystal-infused jewellery, coaching women into getting fitter and healthier or providing amazing graphic design services. Then, I’m sorry to be the one who mentions it, but you must make a decision: you sort out your animosity with technology, you organise your schedule to fit in hours of website building, or you invest some money on hiring a web designer.

My friend Elise talked once about supporting each other’s trade, and I couldn’t agree more. I believe that we should embrace other people’s areas of expertise, so they can offer you the work they are so passionate about. And shall you receive the same generosity.

Also, think of it like that: you believe you don’t have money to hire a website expert, but let’s look at your time and the value you put on it. If you’re spending around 30 hours (optimistically) creating your website (without adding the time you’ll spend putting together photos and copy), and you value your time at $60/h, you’ll be spending $1,800 in building your site. Minus the headaches. Do you then think it’s worth having an extra look at your bank account and locate some budget to get help from a website designer?


7. Ok, I did all this, but I’m still freaking scared of launching my website

Ahaaaaa, here it is. Fear. What would we do without it? First let’s decide if it’s fear or if it’s excitement. Come on, it may be that you’re super excited to finally show the world what you’ve been preparing, can’t it?

If you’re super clear that it’s fear, it may be fear of putting yourself out there or fear of failure (or success, although I’ve honestly never understood what fear of success is about).

It can also be triggering the perfectionist side of you and trying to convince you that your website is not beautiful or good enough to be shared. And let’s not forget about impostor syndrome. With your website, your business looks freaking real. Like there’s no way back. And you’re sure that you’ll be spotlighted as a fraud in the next millisecond. But you need no convincing.

Check in with your gut. Is it telling you to go for it? Does your gut affirm that you’ve finally found your call and the world needs to know? Then, grab the fear’s hand and jump together to your new life.

Do you feel there’s something else that’s stopping you from creating the best website for your business?

If you feel like Wonder Woman now, ready to tackle anything that comes to you, then you’re ready to face the details and practical stuff that will help you create your website. Insert here: content, branding, structure and… planning! Shall I give you a hand?

Let’s do it, ladies!



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